Webinar: Being a Youth Minister in Today’s Church

Apr 16, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Webinar: Being a Youth Minister in Today’s Church

Presenter: Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale
Moderator: Tony Vasinda, Project YM
Sometimes, it is hard to explain to others exactly what you do for a living and as your vocation. Often times, too we feel isolated and wonder if other youth ministry leaders are like us and having the same joys and struggles. For the past 25 years Ministry Training Source with the NFCYM has been studying those serving as youth ministry leaders in all the different roles and setting. This webinar will answer the following questions about youth ministry leaders serving in the United States:
• Who are they?
• What do they do?
• How are they formed?
• How are they compensated?
• What are their challenges and priorities?
• How has the role evolved over the years?

Charlotte McCorquodale has served as a lay ecclesial minister for youth ministry at every level. She currently chairs the National Association for Youth Ministry Leaders (NACYML). She is a past chair of the NFCYM Board of Directors and has served as an advisor for the USCCB Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family and Youth. Charlotte is an international researcher, trainer, and consultant for the fields of lay ecclesial ministry, youth ministry, ministry certification, adult education, and e-learning. She co-founded Ministry Training Source to use technology in ministry formation.

For more information: www.ministrytrainingsource.org

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