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The Youth Ministry Handbook (initially written in 2006 and last updated in Sept. 2015) is now in Legacy Mode.  Formerly, the best practices of youth ministry methodology, risk management, and safety were all combined in the Youth Ministry Handbook .  In Summer of 2019, with some of the Youth Ministry Handbook articles starting to be dated or superseded with enhanced best practices and the updated of the website, it was decided to make a change.  The Youth Ministry Handbook was split into two parts to be maintained and structured differently.

a) The Handbook on Risk Management and Safety when working with Middle & High School Youth (PDF Download)

b) The Information and Resource Section of this website – containing youth ministry methodology best practices and standards

(Please consult these maintained sources before referring to the Legacy Youth Ministry Handbook.)

The Information & Resource Section of the website containing the best methodological practices will be progressively updated.

Since not all of the Legacy Youth Ministry Handbook is outdated and the Info & Resource section is still a work in progress, the handbook will continue to be available until we have holistically updated each relevant article to the most current standards and best practices.  Much information can still be gleaned from the Legacy Youth Ministry Handbook.

NOTE: The formation pathways identified under the section “The Youth Ministry Professional Development/Formation” does not reflect the current OYYACM standards / expectation.  (See this announcement for the status of professional development as of 6/10/19) Contact us to discuss what formation would be most beneficial for your professional formation.  We can help you create a customized plan.