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New Ministry Leaders Identification Form

Welcome to the Diocese of Dallas!

This form is for all NEW ministry leaders who have been empowered by a Pastor/Director with the role to oversee/coordinate/influence program components of ministry/formation for any middle school (grade 6-8)*, high school (grade 9-12), college age (out of high school 18-21), or young adult age (21+) ministry (including youth-age Confirmation Preparation) at your parish/campus ministry. This includes paid and unpaid directors, associates, coordinators, administrative assistants, “youth ministers”, and possibly even PCL’s/ DRE’s/Faith Formation leaders who have a role of catechesis/Sacramenal preparation for any of these age group. This does not include general core team volunteers, but it may include top-level volunteer who regularly coordinate a ministry program (ex: always coordinates a retreat or mission trip).

This form provides the Diocese of Dallas Office of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministries information to help know who we serve and provide the data to best advocate and support your ministry needs.

(*NOTE: In some parish communities, “Middle School” may be 7-8th grade due to the influence of local public school or other parish decision.)