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Lysette, Bishop Lynch

At Bishop Lynch High School, faith life is celebrated, nurtured and studied. This summer, Bishop Lynch hired Lysette Flores as director of campus ministry to help advance the school’s mission. Ms. Flores was previously a teacher in the Diocese of San Jose and the program manager of the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Ministry at Syracuse University. She earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s University and a master’s degree in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School.  

Ms. Flores is excited to be at BL and get hearts more on fire for Christ. She has already hit the ground running with her Christ-centered and student-driven campus ministry philosophy.   

“Bishop Lynch is unique in being the only Dominican school in the Dallas area, and I want to focus on the four pillars of Dominican heritage – prayer, study, community, apostolate – in our faith life at BL,” said Ms. Flores. 

Under Ms. Flores’ guidance, the house system chaplains will also have a strong voice in shaping the campus ministry program at Bishop Lynch. The student chaplains will serve as support systems within their houses and help their house explore the type of prayer that best characterizes it.  

“In Year Two of the BL House System, the houses are each developing their personality and character. The chaplains will be instrumental in helping their house develop its special prayer focus, whether that’s the rosary, a novena, Lectio Divina, or another form of prayer,” said Ms. Flores. 

Ms. Flores also has plans to expand parent opportunities to gather and pray together. In addition to the monthly parent rosary, a parent Bible study is in the works. These gatherings will be virtual for now, and more information will be communicated soon.  

Join us in welcoming Ms. Flores to campus as she works to help our students and staffulty get one step closer to Christ and sainthood.