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Welcome, Mary Beth!

Welcome to Mary Beth Angelo!

Bishop Dunne

Campus Minister

A bit about Mary Beth…

I am from Irving attend Holy Family of Nazareth Catholic Community.  I am honored to take the role of Director of Ministry at Bishop Dunne Catholic School.

I work to create retreats for all grade-levels, facilitate morning prayer and design our weekly masses and prayer services.  I’m working toward creating a vibrant afterschool organization for students to flex their ministry muscles.

I am very interested in doing some type of “international” missions event for our students that would incorporate the immigrant communities served by Dallas Catholic Charities.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist Family and early on, I knew I wanted to be involved in ministry.  I had planned on translating Bibles with Wycliffe but chose to do an undergraduate at Baylor University where I studied Spanish and Latin American Studies.  While working on my Ministry Internship at Baylor, I became discouraged with the possibilities for my role as a female within the Baptist church.  More and more I sought the liturgy and the Eucharistic celebration eventually brought me to the Roman Catholic Church as an adult.

I have five children, 20 (stepson), 13 son, 10 daughter, 4 boy-girl twins.  I love sewing, crafts, music and art.  I am bilingual Spanish and love Tex-Mex!