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Panis Animae

Connecting Music & Prayer
Panis Animae
connecting music & prayer
What is Panis Animae? In Latin, “Panis Animae” translates to “Bread of the Soul.”
Panis Animae: Connecting Music and Prayer is a worship series with themed 10-15 minute praise and worship videos created by Dave Moore Music with time for prayer, praise, and reflective silence.
Be sure to view the Panis Animae Infographic on the right for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the videos be housed?

The videos will be housed on Vimeo. The OYYACM will share the vimeo links in the Panis Animae: Connecting Music and Prayer Portal, which requires a password to access.

When will the videos be uploaded?

A new set of videos will be uploaded monthly to the Panis Animae: Connecting Music and Prayer Portal.

How many Ministry Leaders from a parish can access the Panis Animae Portal?

One Ministry Leader per parish.

All you need to know

To read more about the intentions of Panis Animae, tips on how to Use Vimeo, and a special note on restriction use, click the button below!

How to request access to the videos
  1. Fill out the Access Request Form below
  2. Wait for a response from the OYYACM with a password to the Music Portal
  3. Go to the Portal (link coming soon!)
Special note on restriction use

By signing up to access this material, you are agreeing to:

  • Be the designated Ministry Leader with access for your parish
  • Use for your individual parish only
  • Use for these types of gatherings only: Youth, Young Adults, and Campus Ministry. 

This series is not to be: 

  • Used for wider parish use
  • Streamed on social media
  • Shared in parish wide communication platforms
If you have questions

Please contact Julia Quezada if you have any questions about using the Panis Animae Worship Videos or Portal at jquezada@cathdal.org.