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Young Adult Small Groups 2021

Days Left to Register for Season Three!


We are so glad that you’re interested in participating in our young adult small group movement across the Diocese of Dallas! We believe that small Christian communities are what the Church needs right now. We believe that a small Christian community is what YOU need right now. Don’t be afraid to jump in.

Season Three of Young Adult Small Groups kicks off for the first week of lent!

Don’t hesitate, y’all! The Diocese of Dallas is excited to offer Season Three of young adult small groups for the Lenten season. Registration will be open from January 13 to February 3. Once registration is open, you will see the full profiles of the participating parishes below. Please view the parish profile information to see what types of small groups they are offering and click the parish profile to register. If you have any questions, please contact kerskine@cathdal.org.

Days Left Until Season Three Kicks Off!

Season Three- Lent Small Group Gatherings

Length of Season 3 Small Group Gatherings:  5 weeks 

Week One: February 15- February 21

Week Two: February 22- February 28

Week Three: March 1-March 7

Week Four: March 8-March 14

Week Five: March 15-March 21

Ash Wednesday is on February 17 and Easter is on April 4. 

Season Four- Easter Small Group Gatherings

Length of Season 4 Small Group Gatherings: 7 weeks

Week One: April 5- April 11

Week Two: April 12- April 18

Week Three:  April 19- April 25

Week Four:  April 26-May 2

Week Five: May 3-May 9

Week Six: May 10- May 16

Week Seven: May 17-May 23

Pentecost is May 23.

Join a Parish Small Group

Why a parish?

Parishes are the local presence of the Catholic Church. They are communities open to God’s grace and dedicated to continuing the mission of Jesus Christ. Without strong communities, our Church is unable to function as it was intended. Our diocese encourages all Catholic individuals to make the commitment of belonging to a parish and supporting its mission by devoting time, contributing financially, and offering unique skill sets where needed.

What if I don't have a parish already?

You may not have a parish at this time that you call home. Or, you may find that you call several parishes home. That’s okay! Check out the list of parishes we have participating in each season. Along with their particular small groups offerings, peruse their websites and social media. Check out their mission. See what they’re about. See young adult small groups as an opportunity to discern a parish community. 

How should I choose a small group?

  • Location: Especially during Covid times, everyone has different comfort levels with gathering in person. Using its best judgment, each parish will make an individual decision about whether to host small group gatherings virtually and/or in person. You need to be comfortable with whatever location you choose.
  • Days of the Week: Most small groups will meet for an hour and a half. The day of the week is dependent upon the availability of the parish small group facilitators. 
  • Demographics: Small Group Coordinators will be grouping you with individuals in a similar life stage. Parishes may offer groups that are gender specific, for those who are single or dating, those are married, and those who are married with children. Additionally, some parishes may offer groups that are specific to your self-description of faith: if you consider yourself to be “Green to Christianity”, “Looking to Go Deeper”, or “All in”. 
  • Language: Small group content is provided in both English and Spanish. Some parishes will be offering small groups in both languages.

Will I definitely get a spot in a small group?

Small groups are first come, first serve. Small group space is limited because each small group needs a trained facilitator. The sooner you attempt to register for a small group, the better your chances of getting in a group. If the small group you wish to join is full, we encourage you to put your name on a waiting list and in the meantime, consider joining another small group, even if at another parish.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Parishes determine for themselves whether or not they can accommodate requests to be in a small group with a friend. If the parish does allow “friend requests”, they will ask for this information on their registration form.

What if I can't make every week?

Consistent attendance is vital creating positive dynamics within a small group. Parishes may wish to note a minimum number of small group gatherings you must be able to make when participating in a small group (for example, some parishes might note that you must be able to make a certain number of gatherings). We encourage you to look at your calendar, plan ahead, and make attending your small groups a priority in your schedule.

Can I become a small group facilitator?

Parish small group coordinators are responsible for determining their facilitators. Facilitators are incredibly important to the success and fruitfulness of the small groups, and therefore, you cannot simply sign up to be one. Facilitators need to have an established history with the small group coordinators and attend training for the role. If you wish to be considered, you are also welcome to contact the coordinator at a particular parish. However, we ask that you be respectful of their responsibility they hold for the small groups and the systems they have in place.

Season Three Parishes

Purple.pptx (3)
St. Cecilia, Dallas

Location: Virtual

Days: Wednesdays

Groups: All Male, All Female, All Young Adults Welcome

Language: English & Spanish

Coordinator: Amanda Benevidez

Purple.pptx (6)
Holy Spirit, Duncanville

Location: Virtual
Days: Thursdays
Groups: All Young Adults Welcome (20s & 30s)
Language: English
Coordinator: Devyn Buschow

Purple.pptx (5)
Prince of Peace, Plano

Location: In Person @ Homes & In Person @ the Parish
Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Groups: All Male, All Female, Married Couples, Married with Kids
Language: English
Coordinator: Erin Ford

Purple.pptx (8)
St. Jude, Allen

Location: Virtual & In Person @ the Parish
Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Groups: All Female, All Male, Co-ed, Dating/ Single, Married Couples, Married Couples with Kids
Language: English
Coordinator: Katie Dell

Purple.pptx (13)
Holy Family, Irving

Location: Virtual
Days: Tuesdays
Groups: All Young Adults Welcome
Language: English
Coordinator: Mike Serapio

Purple.pptx (4)
Our Lady of Lourdes, Dallas

Location: Virtual
Days: Sundays
Groups: All Young Adults Welcome (18-35)
Language: English
Coordinator: Gerardo Robles

Purple.pptx (12)
St. Mary, Sherman

Location: Virtual & In Person @ the Parish
Days: Mondays, Thursdays
Groups: Co-ed, Dating/ Single , Married Couples, College-age Specific; All Groups 18-35
Language: English & Spanish
Coordinator: Hannah Truetken

Purple.pptx (2)
St. Thomas Aquinas, Dallas

Location: Virtual & In Person @ Homes
Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Groups: All Female; All Male; Married Couples; Married Couples with Kids; All Young Adults Welcome
Language: English
Coordinator: Anand Bheemarasetti

Purple.pptx (1)
St. Joseph, Richardson

Location: Virtual, In Person @ Homes, In Person @ Parish
Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
Groups: All Female; All Male; Married Couples
Language: English
Coordinator: Katie Smith

St. Rita, Dallas

Location: In Person @ Parish
Days: Thursdays
Groups: All Young Adults Welcome (20-39)
Language: English
Coordinator: Sammy Argumaniz

Purple.pptx (2)
St. Paul, Richardson

Location: Virtual & In Person @ Parish
Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Groups: All Young Adults Welcome
Language: English
Coordinator: Ryan Buchanan