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We help ministry leaders to become missionary leaders, who in turn work to foster a culture of mission within each parish.  Dallas is a big diocese, and the only feasible way to impact the thousands of youth and young adults throughout the diocese is to follow the example of The Way.  The master plan for evangelization crafted by Jesus Christ himself was to foster disciples—those who would carry on the efficacy of the God-Man’s legacy—who would in turn cultivate the growth of more disciples.

Intrinsic to every human being’s core need is the person of Jesus Christ.  True missionaries never stop witnessing to that need and the joy that abounds from knowing the person from whom the need exists.  Further, the witness of a missionary is always offered through the lens of the culture and charism of the community served.  Every decision made or project initiated by the Office of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries, no matter its size or impact, is done through the lens of this mission—to make missionaries.


We seek to transmit this message based upon three pillars:


Missionaries are confident in the foundational understanding that a disciple-maker is first and foremost a disciple. Jesus Christ cares more about each person’s individual heart above what he or she might be able to achieve for the kingdom (Luke 10:20). A missionary seeks to be a reservoir of God’s abundant grace, sharing only in excess from the overflow, rather than a channel reserving nothing for oneself. The spirituality of the ministry leader and the ability to articulate a language of spiritual multiplication are bedrock principles for the development of a missional leader.


Intellectual curiosity and audacious creativity are the marked characteristics of a healthy, thriving ministry environment, and are crucial to developing parish cultures that are willing to go beyond conventional ministry boundaries. Methodologies and frameworks are initiated based upon these two characteristics, and then constructed through the lens of each parish’s unique identity and charism. A missionary minister recognizes that the end goal of every dream, initiative, event, and relationship is the fostering of another disciple, and further that every disciple is empowered to become a disciple maker. Disciples beget disciples and, only through an evangelical Catholicism inspired dynamic orthodoxy, will vibrant disciples truly be animated.

 Professional Acumen

The potential for any ministry to thrive is harnessed and unleashed through the systems that support it. No parish will flourish without the vested interest of its parishioners, and further no ministry leader without a team to support him or her. The professional acumen of a missionary leader begins with the recognition that he or she was designed to lead—that the Lord has anointed, through the movement of the Holy Spirit, a specific time and place for a given leader to serve. Grounded in that confidence, each missionary leader is charged then to operate with excellency. One should always seek to hone one’s skills, forge evermore effective missionary disciples on every team one leads, and constantly seek to elevate and leverage one’s circle of influence to lead more souls to the kingdom.

Who We Serve

The Bishop is responsible for teaching , governing, and sanctifying the faithful in the Diocese of Dallas. He shares these duties with his priest, deacons, and his Pastoral Center Offices.  Our office is tasked to support him in his mission with those who are in middle school, high school, and those of young adult age.  To reach these age populations, we primarily guide a vision, support, and train ministry leaders in local parishes. However, at times, we offer direct ministry services to these age demographics.

Middle School Youth
Those typically in the 6th-8th grades or around the ages of 12-14.
High School Teens

Those in grades 9th-12th or around the ages of 14-18.
College-Age (18-21)
Young Adults out of high school up to age 21. Including those in the workforce, military, or furthering their education.
Young Adults (21+)
Young Adults Ages 21+
Unmarried, married, & discerning. In the workforce, military, or school.
Director of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries

Charged with visioning, articulating, and executing a creative, strategic ministry plan for the fostering of disciples in parishes and high school and college campuses.

Associate Director, Content Development

The creative lead in the continuing mission of comprehensive youth, young adult, and campus ministries. Serves as the design agent for various ministry gatherings, events, and initiatives including DCYC. Contact me for Confirmation preparation questions.

Associate Director, Strategic Ministry Development

Collaborates with the other department staff in managing the continuing mission of strategic ministry development throughout the diocese (parish and school campuses). Leads in the consultative work with parishes to assist in creating a plan for developing comprehensive, sustainable, and culturally responsive parish ministry.

Coordinator of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana (PJH)

Helps to cultivate an active community of Hispanic young adults as a part of a fun and exciting team at the forefront of innovation in ministry for the Diocese of Dallas. Coordinates faith formation opportunities for Hispanic young adults who are primarily Spanish-speaking.

DCYC Project Manager

Supports the Associate Director of Content Development in planning and execution of the Dallas Catholic Youth Conference (DCYC) including speaker and volunteer management, purchasing, and overseeing the many details. All DCYC questions can start here.