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Posting to the User Generated Community Calendar

Returning Event Organizers:

Posting for the First Time?

Event Organizers: Please review Community Calendar Event Posting Guidelines to see if you or your events are a match with the expected criteria.

Community Calendar Event Guidelines:

  • Diocese of Dallas Parishes and Schools
  • Pastoral Center Offices
  • Recognized Religious Communities within the Diocese of Dallas
  • Leaders of registered NPBO’s
  • Specially approved by the OYYACM (Contact us)
  • No Advertising of Fundraisers or Galas (Exception: When the event is a volunteer service opportunity at the fundraiser)
  • The OYYACM retains the right to not promote events.

For Youth, College Campus, & Young Adult Ministry Leaders:

  • Events must be relevant to the formation, training, community building, or spirituality of a Catholic ministry leader.

College-Age & Young Adults:

  • Event must be relevant to the Catholic formation, community building, and spirituality
  • Event must not be a core weekly event (small groups, etc) to your ministry/organization
  • Event must be designed with the intention of being welcoming and open to the wider community beyond the “members” of your ministry/organization.
  • Event is to be specifically designed for young adults out of high school up to age 30.
  • Event be hosted by an organizer that meets the Organizer Criteria.

Middle & High School Ages:

  • Event must be intentionally designed for ministry leaders to bring a contingent of youth and cleared adults to, OR for a parish ministry leader to be the central contact point for sending individuals to an event in another described Safe Environment manner, OR for events that parents and youth are to attend together. No events that is promoted directly to minors to attend on their own will be posted on the community calendar.
  • Event must not be for BOTH youth minors AND young adults unless it is intentionally designed as a multi-generational family event.
  • Event be organized by an approved organizing submitter.