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As I reflect upon the picture above, I am left pondering where we will find ourselves this time next year. I also find myself asking, “Are the waters ahead going to be rough, calm, or constantly changing?”  I am a planner and I like to prepare.  As such, the unknown of what next week or even tomorrow may bring invites me to tread these waters lightly, but with significant intentionality.  I can choose to allow the waters to overcome me or I can seize the opportunity of where the current is taking me and embrace the moment.  Planning during this time of uncertainty (of what comes with each week) does bring significant challenges, but at the same time it is an opportunity for Ministry Leaders to see the landscape with new eyes.  As you plan and prepare, ask yourself, “Where is the current taking me?”  

In this current climate, our young people need us to be a voice of peace in the chaos, wisdom in the uncertainty, and present in their lives as an adult willing to walk with them in their journey of faith. Simply put, they need us to point them to Jesus. The Gospel is alive and well…Covid 19 can’t take that away…how are we sharing the love of Christ with youth in our parish communities? How are we also thinking beyond virtual offerings?  How are we adding an extra touch to the virtual programs we are offering…how are we taking their experience to a new level?  How are we helping them encounter Christ?

As you discern what will work best for your parish community, the OYYACM has curated a few models for you to review.  These are examples of ideas that parishes in the Diocese of Dallas are planning to implement for the 2020/2021 Faith Formation Year.  There is not a definitive “magic wand” that will tell you what will work best or a one size fits all approach.  We encourage you to review these ideas, talk with your pastor/direct supervisor, and evaluate if any of these models or a modification of the models below might work for your parish community.

As you prepare for your respective parish plans and ministry efforts for the coming year, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. Always be in communication with your direct supervisor / or Pastor about your plans.  Have them serve as the final approval point prior to implementation.
  2. Review, be aware of the most current information, and become an expert on implementation of the following:
    1. Diocese of Dallas Decree: Announcement from Bishop Edward J. Burns – Phase Three of Reopening Plan
    2. CDC Guidelines (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
    3. Local County Guidelines


Family Faith Formation Model

Family Small Group Model

Hybrid – Family Model

Hybrid – Family and Small Group Model

Hybrid – Small Group Model

 Virtual High School Model


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